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What is applymyjobS?

Applymyjobs is Australia's fast growing job portal based on Industry standards. Our unique match making algorithm identifies the right person for the right job with the right skills. Employers post jobs and applymyJOBS recommends the best matching candidates to the Employers based on the Skills of the jobseekers. Applymyjobs also allows jobseekers to apply for relevant jobs automatically using our AutoApply feature.

The AutoApply feature runs every two hours and applies to the jobs so that the candidates do not miss out on any job opportunity that comes on the website.

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Apply and follow a road to your dream job. Know your skill gaps and learn how to fill those gaps to get the job you always wanted. Enable the AutoApply feature on your profile to make sure the website automatically applies for jobs on your behalf if you are busy or not available.

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Post your required positions and receive resumes automatically from Jobseekers who are looking for a job based on the required skill set. Also you can search from a database of candidates who have the right skills that you are looking for in your new Employee.

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