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At Annan Exchange, we are building a marketplace that empowers users. Our mission is to decentralize the currency rate and empower anyone who needs to send or receive money internationally. Annan Exchange is where we bring buyers and sellers together online.

Our unique peer-to-peer exchange empowers you to set your own currency rate, and for it to be matched with other customers exchanging the opposite currency. We host the marketplace, ensure that everything is recorded correctly and that all transactions happen quickly and smoothly. We hold the funds, meaning you can exchange safely with other customers around the world. If things are quiet, we make sure a match is available in the market for you so you can always get a great exchange rate.

We are the world’s first fully decentralised marketplace for currency exchange.

Design at Annan Exchange

One of the principles of our design team is to ‘shape the future’. A big part of the role of a product designer at Annan Exchange is to be a visionary—visualising and reinventing the future of currency transfer.

UX Designers at Annan Exchange take the dream and make it something everyone can relate to and rally behind. We start from the very early stages: finding the right problem to tackle, exploring ideas for how to solve it and then refining it into a coherent solution. Our product designers carry out research, brainstorming, sketching, prototyping, and collaboration with our engineers to ship great products. We are empathetic user advocates and respect our users’ opinions through interviews, usability testing, as well as wireframing, flowcharting, and journey mapping to show the different stages that customers go through as they come into contact with Annan Exchange.

As a UX Design Intern, you will learn from Annan Exchange’s Cofounders and designers to apply design thinking to real user problems. From day one, you will have an opportunity to be involved in every aspect of the product development process, Literally! You will have the opportunity to do meaningful work and build features and functionality that impacts millions of potential users around the world.

What you’ll be doing

  • Partner with senior product designers, product managers, software engineers, and marketers to take a conceptual project idea and turn it into sketches, mockups and end-to-end prototypes through to delivery.
  • Gather feedback from internal stakeholders, and users to validate designs.
  • Design flows and experiences that are incredibly simple and elegant.
  • Collaborate with external designers and engineers to apply design patterns, helping to improve and maintain our design system.
  • Visually communicating design solutions using sketching, whiteboarding, or other low-fidelity design techniques.
  • Prototyping the expected user experience using tools such as Figma, Principle, and Framer (or code!) Validating their designs using appropriate user testing techniques.
  • Participating in weekly design critiques to gather feedback, iterating on the designs and pitch your own work.

Minimum qualifications

  • Within 12 months of completing your bachelor’s, master’s or TAFE course in human-computer interaction (HCI), web design, computer science, software engineering, industrial or graphic design or a related field.
  • You have a portfolio of personal projects or case study from inside or outside the classroom showcasing strong visual design, interaction design or user experience with problem-solving orientation. Please provide in a zip file, along with your resume.
  • You can articulate what makes a good product and why.
  • Love to ideate, design, prototype, test, and rapidly iterate on components and systems for continual improvements.
  • Ability to think at a high level about product strategy and vision (what we build, not just how it looks)
  • Experience in design tools (for example Sketch and InVision).
  • Strong problem-solving skills with balanced interaction and visual design skills.
  • Communication skills – you should be able to articulate your design decisions.
  • You have the ability to give and receive constructive feedback on design work.
  • Experience in web and mobile application design.
  • This role is not eligible for immigration sponsorship.

Please attach the following documentation in a zip file

  • Your portfolio or case study
  • Resume and cover letter if you wish
October 06, 2019 7:46